The Roaring Fork Valley in general …and Aspen/Snowmass in particular… features some of the most beautiful homes in the world. We would love the opportunity to keep your house looking it's best, just as we have done for so many exclusive homes in the valley. We fully realize that you are trusting us with one of your most prized possessions and we will treat it… and you… with the utmost care and respect.

We are the "good contractor"… really!
• We personally answer the phone and promptly return calls.
• We show up on time, do great work and ALWAYS clean up.
• We will work with you to get things "just right"… even if you
aren't sure what that is.

• We build relationships… we want your business again and
again... and again!


Aspen Paintworks specializes in the painting of large commercial exteriors, interior maintenance painting, and drywall repair for property management companies.

• On exteriors we are expert at pressure washing, wood refurbishing, airless spraying and high work (we are both climbers). That means high ladder work, man lifts, cranes, scaffolding and rope work.

• On interior work we are adept at matching any paint colors, wood finishes, and drywall textures.

We work for some of the largest property management companies in Valley and we have worked with them literally for decades. The reason we have retained their trust for so long is because we are extremely consistent in our pricing, just as we are extremely reliable in our services.

Patrick has his little areas of expertise just as David has his. Pat can match and/or refurbish just about any wood surface. David is an absolute artisan when it comes to matching any drywall surface and/or texture. Both are excellent painters and site managers.